Category: Legislation

Rhode Island House Bill 7537 and Senate Bill 2510

Rhode Island H.B. 7537 would bar the dissemination of a nude or sexually explicit image of another person without consent, under circumstances in which a reasonable person would know or understand the image was supposed to remain private.

California Assembly Bill 1671

California AB 1671, would make it a crime to disclose or distribute the contents of a “confidential conversation” if it was originally heard or recorded using an electronic amplifying or recording device. It also makes it illegal to aid, abet or employ anyone who discloses or distributes the content of such a conversation.

Alabama House Bill 167 and Senate Bill 222

Alabama House Bill 167 and Senate Bill 222 would define a business as a “sexually oriented business” if it has “any business offering for sale, rent or the exhibit of items or services intended to provide sexual stimulation or sexual gratification to the customer.”

South Dakota House Bill 1243

South Dakota H.B. 1243 would criminalize the distribution of images of a person without clothing, under or through the clothing of the person or a person depicted in a sexual manner, without the consent of the person depicted.

Iowa Senate File 2039

Iowa S.F. 2039 would apply the state’s “obscene for minors” law to “electronic communication devices.”

Nebraska Legislative Bill 892

Nebraska L.B. 892 would criminalize electronic communication with another person using indecent, lewd or lascivious language or to suggest a lewd or lascivious act with the intent to annoy, offend, harass or terrify.

Maryland House Bill 30

Maryland H.B. 30 would bar the display of material if its cover or content is “harmful to minors.”

New Hampshire Senate Bill 465

New Hampshire S.B. 465 would criminalize the dissemination of a nude or sexually explicit without consent of the person depicted if the picture was known or understood to remain private.

Indiana Senate Bill 14

Indiana S.B. 14 would amend the existing state statute criminalizing sexually explicit depictions of minors. The existing law applies to descriptions of minors, drawings of minors and depictions of adults who appear to be minors.

Massachusetts House Bill 1513

Massachusetts H.B. 1513 would make it a crime to disseminate a nude or sexually explicit image of another person if one knows or should have known the person depicted did not consent.