Category: Legislation

South Carolina Senate Bill 255

South Carolina S.B. 255 would require any website to remove arrest and booking records within 30 days of written request if the person was not convicted.

Tennessee Senate Bill 1236

Tennessee S.B. 1236 would enact a 25% sales tax on advertising in certain periodicals for sexually-oriented material and adult materials that are restricted for anyone less than 18.

Tennessee Senate Bill 2860 and House Bill 3081

Tennessee S.B. 2860 and H.B. 3081 would impose a 25% tax on any material “harmful to minors”; any material sold or rented at a store with an “adults only” section; and any movies with “sexually explicit” content, with the exception of movies rated “R” or “NC-17″ by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Texas House Bills 101 and 603

Texas H.B. 101 and H.B. 603 would criminalize the distribution of nude images if one knows or should have known that the person depicted did not consent to the distribution.

Texas Senate Bill 1135

Texas S.B. 1135 would bar the distribution of nude or sexually explicit images without the consent of the person depicted, if the person depicted is identifiable (even if the identifying information was added by a third party) and if the distribution caused harm to the person depicted.

Texas Senate Bill 1512

Texas S.B. 1512 would categorize “sensitive crime scene” photos as not part of public disclosure under Texas’s Public Information Act and would limit access and distribution.

Utah House Bill 353

Utah H.B. 353 would allow video game retailers to be sued if they advertise that they will adhere to the private ESRB rating system but fail to do so.

Vermont House Bill 105

Vermont H.B. 105 would make it a crime to disseminate a nude or sexually explicit image of another person if one knows or should have known that the person depicted did not consent to its dissemination.

Washington House Bill 2103

Washington H.B. 2103 would impose a sales tax on “adult entertainment material” and define “adult” material as any material that is primarily interested in sex, using sex acts that would merit an “X” rating from the Motion Picture Association of America as a benchmark.

West Virginia House Bill 2119

West Virginia H.B. 2119 would impose a $1 tax on the sale or rental of any material deemed obscene by the tax commissioner.