Category: Legislation

New Hampshire Senate Bill 465

New Hampshire S.B. 465 would criminalize the dissemination of a nude or sexually explicit without consent of the person depicted if the picture was known or understood to remain private.

Indiana Senate Bill 14

Indiana S.B. 14 would amend the existing state statute criminalizing sexually explicit depictions of minors. The existing law applies to descriptions of minors, drawings of minors and depictions of adults who appear to be minors.

Massachusetts House Bill 1513

Massachusetts H.B. 1513 would make it a crime to disseminate a nude or sexually explicit image of another person if one knows or should have known the person depicted did not consent.

Michigan Senate Bill 508

Michigan S.B. 508 would make it a crime to disseminate a nude or sexually explicit image of another person without consent and if the person depicted had a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Alabama House Bill 8

Alabama H.B. 8 would require any website to remove arrest photos within 30 days of a request if the person was not convicted.

Alabama House Bill 39

Alabama H.B. 39 would impose a 40 percent tax on “harmful to minors” material, with the exception of movies rated “R” or “NC-17.” It would also impose a 10 percent tax on sexually oriented material.

Alabama House Bill 153

Alabama H.B. 153 would impose a 30% tax on material that is legally obscene for adults and “adult novelty items.” “Adult novelty items” is defined to include “material that is sexually oriented in nature.”

Alabama Senate Bill 197

Alabama S.B. 197 would create a right of publicity in a person’s “indicia of identity.” There is an exception for expressive works, but for expressive works that are “a replica as to constitute a copy,” the exception is contingent on the use being protected by the U.S. and Alabama Constitutions.

Alaska House Bill 127

Alaska H.B. 127 would narrow the state’s “harmful to minors” law as applied to the internet to limit it to distribution to a minor under 16 years old and if the adult is reckless about the minor’s age. It is companion to S.B. 72.

Alaska House Bill 298

Alaska H.B. 298 would bar any distribution of “indecent material” to a minor or someone the person believes is a minor. The existing state law’s definition of “indecent material” goes beyond the Miller/Ginsberg test. It is a companion bill to S.B. 222.