Category: Legislation

Arizona House Bill 2660

Arizona H.B. 2660 would create a civil cause of action against any distributor or producer of “dangerous” material that is found to produce or incite a felony.

Arkansas Senate Bill 79

Arkansas S.B. 79 would create a right of publicity in an individual’s name, voice, signature, image or likeness. Artistic use is exempted from the right, but only if the use is protected by the First Amendment.

Arkansas Senate Bills 668 and 741

Arkansas S.B. 668 and 741 would apply the state’s “harmful to minors” law to the Internet.

Baltimore County Council Bill 50-10

Baltimore County Council Bill 50-10 would define a business as an “adult business” if 15 percent of stock and trade, floor space or revenue is derived from material that describes or depicts sexual activities.

California Assembly Bill 538

California A.B. 538 would require anyone that enters into a contract for “the sale of the story of a crime for which the offender was convicted” with a person convicted of specified crimes to report it to the Office of Survivor Rights and Services.

California Senate Bill 676

California S.B. 676 would criminalize the publication of a name or other personal information “associated” with a nude photo distributed without consent.

Colorado Senate Bill 125

Colorado S.B. 125 would create a “harmful for minors” law that would bar both dissemination and access for minors to material that is illegal for minors under Ginsberg v. New York. The bill would restrict the First Amendment rights of adults to access constitutionally protected material.

Connecticut House Bill 6921

Connecticut H.B. 6921 would make it a crime to disseminate a nude or sexually explicit photo without the consent of the person depicted and if the person knew that the person depicted understood the picture would remain private.

Connecticut Raised Bill 363

Connecticut R.B. 363 would bar the electronic dissemination of “harmful to minors” material to a minor.

Connecticut Senate Bill 328

Connecticut S.B. 328 would require owners of public establishments or arcades to bar minors from using certain video games with violent imagery. The bill would also create a task force to study the effects of video games with violent content on youth behavior.