Indiana House Bill 1533


Bars the manufacture or distribution of devices that provide access to the internet without active software that blocks material harmful to minors or obscene as designated by the attorney general. The attorney general must create and update the list on a regular basis. Once every 30 days, the attorney general must transmit an updated list to manufacturers and distributors of devices.

This bill is based on a model bill drafted by the Human Trafficking Prevention Act (HTPA) campaign. The campaign’s goal is to block access to sexual material and other content on the internet by enacting laws in all the 50 states and Congress to force manufacturers, distributors and retailers to install and activate filtering software on any device that allows access to the internet. In 2017, 14 HTPA bills have been introduced in 12 states. Click here to learn more about the campaign.


The bill was referred to Courts and Criminal Codes on January 18, 2017.


>> A person that manufactures or distributes an Internet enabled device may not disable the blocking software unless all the following apply:
(1) The consumer requests in writing that the blocking software be disabled.
(2) The manufacturer, seller, or distributor verifies that the consumer is at least 18 years of age.
(3) The consumer receives, and acknowledges in writing the receipt of, a written document describing the potential danger of deactivating the      software.
(4) The consumer pays a twenty dollar ($20) deactivation fee.

The attorney general will develop and distribute a written document that describes “the dangers of deactivating the software” to be provided to anyone who seeks to have the software deactivated. Also, the attorney general must receive and investigate any complaint that a particular website should not be blocked. If the attorney general determines that the site should not have been blocked, the he or she must inform manufacturers and distributors of devices that allow internet access to unblock the site.


The bill was introduced on February 4, 2016 and referred to the House Committee on Judiciary.