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Alabama House Bill 153

Alabama H.B. 153 would impose a 30% tax on material that is legally obscene for adults and “adult novelty items.” “Adult novelty items” is defined to include “material that is sexually oriented in nature.”

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Indiana House Bill 1042

Indiana H.B. 1042 would bar any business or individual from selling any material that contains “sexually explicit” content unless they have registered with the Secretary of State.

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Massachusetts House Bill 1423

Massachusetts H.B. 1423 would add a fourth prong to the existing three-prong test to determine what material is “harmful to minors” and may be banned for minors. The fourth prong would apply to content that depicted violence that is patently offensive to “prevailing standards in the adult community, so as to appeal predominantly to the morbid interest in violence of minors.”

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New York Assembly Bill 11717

New York A.B. 11717 would bar any retailer from selling or renting any video game that has been rated if its rating is not prominently displayed on its cover or jacket.

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South Carolina Proviso 89

South Carolina Proviso 89 would impose a 20% tax on printed matter that contains “frontal nudity.”

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Florence v. Shurtleff

The State of Utah agreed to a stipulated order that limited the scope of the state’s Internet “harmful to minors” law so that it does not apply to the posting of “harmful to minors” content on generally accessible websites.

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