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Lohan v. Take-Two Interactive Software Inc./Gravano v. Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.

Plaintiffs Lohan and Gravano argued to rewrite New York Civil Rights Law Section 51 to include protections against the inclusion of “image,” “persona,” or “likeness” in any work for which a creator or publisher seeks compensation.

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Utah Senate Bill 185

S.B.185 would provide a cause of action to sue for a person to sue anyone who produces or distributes material harmful to minors if, at the time the material was produced the person was a minor; and the material was the proximate cause for the person being harmed physically or psychologically, or by emotional or medical illnesses.

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New York Assembly Bill 8155 and Senate Bill 5857

New York A.B. 8155 and S.B. 5857 would expand New York’s right of publicity law to include a person’s persona.

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Louisiana House Bill 415

Summary   Louisiana HB 415 would create a right of publicity for the life of a person plus 50 years. The right applies to a person’s “identity,” which is defined as their name, voice, signature, photograph, image, likeness, or any … Continue reading

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Higginbotham v. City of New York

Higginbotham v. City of New York 105 F Supp 3d 369 (SDNY 2015) Most recent action On March 17, 2017, Media Coalition Foundation, Association of American Publishers, Authors Guild, Freedom to Read Foundation and 60 other media organizations submitted an amicus … Continue reading

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West Virginia Senate Bill 447

The bill bars any retailer from selling any devices that allow access to the internet without active and operating digital blocking capability” that blocks obscene material. [West Virginia does not have a harmful to minors law.]

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North Dakota House Bill 1185

The bill bars any business or individual that manufactures, produces or sells any device that provides internet access unless it makes inaccessible obscene material and to any “intimate image” as defined in the North Dakota harmful to minors law. However, the law does not define “intimate image.”

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Indiana House Bill 1533

The bill bars the manufacture or distribution of devices that provide access to the internet without active software that blocks material harmful to minors or obscene as designated by the attorney general.

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Georgia House Bill 509

The bill requires that certain products sold or leased by retailers contain a digital blocking capability that renders obscene material inaccessible.

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Texas House Bill 2266

Texas HB 2266 would bar a business from selling or leasing to a consumer any product that makes content accessible on the internet is barred from doing business in Texas unless the product contains an “active and operating digital blocking capability” that blocks access to obscene material.

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