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California Assembly Bill 1671

California AB 1671, would make it a crime to disclose or distribute the contents of a “confidential conversation” if it was originally heard or recorded using an electronic amplifying or recording device. It also makes it illegal to aid, abet or employ anyone who discloses or distributes the content of such a conversation.

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California Assembly Bill 538

California A.B. 538 would require anyone that enters into a contract for “the sale of the story of a crime for which the offender was convicted” with a person convicted of specified crimes to report it to the Office of Survivor Rights and Services.

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California Senate Bill 676

California S.B. 676 would criminalize the publication of a name or other personal information “associated” with a nude photo distributed without consent.

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City of Los Angeles v. Alameda Books, Inc.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Los Angeles could use its 1977 study as the basis for an ordinance that did not allow two adult facilities in the same building.

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