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California Assembly Bill 538

California A.B. 538 would require anyone that enters into a contract for “the sale of the story of a crime for which the offender was convicted” with a person convicted of specified crimes to report it to the Office of Survivor Rights and Services.

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Massachusetts House Bill 1399

Massachusetts H.B. 1399 would require anyone who enters into a contract with anyone charged or convicted of a crime to report it to the state Attorney General and post a bond equal to the value of the contract.

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Pennsylvania House Bill 2533 & Senate Bill 508

Pennsylvania H.B. 2533 and S.B. 508 would allow a victim of a personal injury crime to bring a civil action against any offender to obtain injunctive relief for “conduct which perpetuates the continuing effect of the crime on the victim.”

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Texas Senate Bill 1512

Texas S.B. 1512 would categorize “sensitive crime scene” photos as not part of public disclosure under Texas’s Public Information Act and would limit access and distribution.

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Prison Legal News v. Kane

The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania struck down a Pennsylvania law that allowed victims to stop conduct — including speech — by a convicted offender if it causes “mental anguish.”

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