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Connecticut Senate Bill 328

Connecticut S.B. 328 would require owners of public establishments or arcades to bar minors from using certain video games with violent imagery. The bill would also create a task force to study the effects of video games with violent content on youth behavior.

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Delaware House Bill 346

Delaware H.B. 346 would criminalize viewing or possessing visual depictions of animal cruelty, if the act of cruelty is illegal under Delaware or federal law and if it lacks serious scientific, journalistic or political value.

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Massachusetts House Bill 1423

Massachusetts H.B. 1423 would add a fourth prong to the existing three-prong test to determine what material is “harmful to minors” and may be banned for minors. The fourth prong would apply to content that depicted violence that is patently offensive to “prevailing standards in the adult community, so as to appeal predominantly to the morbid interest in violence of minors.”

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Massachusetts Senate Bill 168

Massachusetts S.B. 168 would create a commission to study video games that allow a player to simulate severe battery or killing.

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Massachusetts Senate Bill 636

Massachusetts S.B. 636 would require video game and software publishers and television programmers to post labels on content with violent themes. It also requires parents to bar minors from accessing such content.

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New Jersey Senate Bill 2715

New Jersey S.B. 2715 would require the Department of Education to make available information on how parents’ can limit children’s exposure to electronic media with violent images or themes with specific research and statistics about media effects.

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Oklahoma House Bill 2696

Oklahoma H.B. 2696 would impose a 1% excise tax on violent video games. This tax would be added on top of already existing state or local taxes imposed on general merchandise.

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Rhode Island Senate Bill 2156

Rhode Island S.B. 2156 would make it illegal to sell or rent a video game rated M to anyone under 17 years old or a video game rated AO to anyone under 18. It would also make it illegal to sell or rent a “sexually explicit” or “violent” video game to a minor.

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