MEDIA COALITION is an association that defends the First Amendment right to produce and distribute books, magazines, recordings, home video and videogames; and defends the American public’s First Amendment right to have access to the broadest possible range of information, opinion and entertainment.

Founded in 1973, we represent most of the booksellers, publishers, librarians, film, recording and videogame producers, and home video and videogame retailers in the United States. Our members are:

American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression
American Association of Publishers
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Entertainment Merchants Association
Entertainment Software Association
Freedom to Read Foundation
Motion Picture Association of America
Recording Industry Association of America


•  Communicates with federal, state and local government officials in an effort to advise them on proposed legislation affecting material that is protected by the First Amendment;
•  Files legal challenges to unconstitutional laws and prepares amicus curiae briefs in cases involving the First Amendment rights of the producers and distributors of constitutionally-protected works;
•  Distributes to Media Coalition members regular reports outlining the activities of the Congress, state legislatures and the courts on issues related to the First Amendment.



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Executive Director
David Horowitz

Communications Coordinator
Kris Anne Bonifacio

19 Fulton Street
New York, NY 10038
phone: (212) 587-4025