• HTPA Legislation

    Media Coalition fighting against campaign to enact mandatory filtering on Internet in all 50 states

    A campaign seeking to pass Human Trafficking Prevention Act (HTPA) bills in all 50 states is currently underway. However, the bills would block access to certain categories of online content by forcing manufacturers, distributors and retailers to install and activate filtering software on any device that allows access to the internet. Currently, there are 14 HTPA bills in 12 states. The title of the legislation is misleading as the legislation only addresses human trafficking indirectly.
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  • Higginbotham

    Media Coalition Foundation joins amicus brief on right to record police in Higginbotham v. City of New York

    Media Coalition Foundation, and more than 60 other media organizations submitted an amicus brief to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals asking it to confirm that there is a First Amendment right to record the actions of police and other government employees when they are at work and in public.
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  • Louisiana

    Free-Speech Victory: Federal Court Blocks Louisiana’s Online Age-Verification Law for Violating First Amendment

    U.S. District Court Chief Judge Brian Jackson signed an order permanently barring Louisiana from enforcing a 2015 law that required websites to age-verify every Internet user before providing access to non-obscene material that could be deemed harmful to any minor. Judge Jackson had previously granted a preliminary injunction in the case, Garden District Book Shop v. Stewart.
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  • LA Times editorial says SCOTUS is skeptical about lower court ruling in Packingham case: https://t.co/G44cO5Uzq2
  • Louisiana Booksellers, Magazine Publisher, and National Trade Associations Secure Victory In Free Speech Case! https://t.co/MfvG5mbz6a

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California Assembly amends HB 1671 to protect publishers

Cconstalifornia Assembly amended HB 1671 which would make it a crime for a person who has illegally recorded or electronically eavesdropped on a “confidential communication” to disclose or distribute its contents so that no one can be prosecuted for aiding or abetting anyone who discloses or distributes the content of the illegally captured “confidential communication.”Read more about A.B. 1671 »

Rhode Island House Bill 7537 and Senate Bill 2510 vetoed by Governor

Rhode Island House Bill 7537/SB 2510 would bar the dissemination of an image of another person who is nude or engaging in sexual activity or sado-masochistic abuse without the affirmative consent of that person, if the image was obtained under circumstances in which a reasonable person would know or understand the image was to remain private.Read more about H.B. 7537/S.B. 2510 »