• PA amicus

    Members file amicus brief in legal challenge to Pa. prior restraint law

    On February 17, some Media Coalition members filed an amicus brief in Prison Legal News v. Kane, a federal challenge to a Pennsylvania law that allows a cause of action to stop speech by a convicted offender if it perpetuates “mental anguish” of a crime victim. The law could stop the distribution of several important cultural materials.

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  • Arizona

    Arizona convenes new legislative session, may amend nonconsensual distribution law

    On January 12, 2015, the Arizona legislature convenes its 2015 session, and it may amend the nonconsensual distribution law we are challenging Antigone Books v. Horne. Last November, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton entered a stipulated order staying the enforcement of the law and the lawsuit’s proceedings, to allow the legislature an opportunity to address the constitutional issues with the law.

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  • Leg-Tracker

    Legislative Tracker 2015

    Media Coalition tracks hundreds of legislation in Congress and all 50 states that may have First Amendment implications every year.

    The Legislative Tracker includes up-to-the-minute updates of state and federal legislation, as well as Media Coalition’s summary of the legislation.

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South Carolina S.B. 255: Requiring removal of arrest information


On February 16, 2015, Media Coalition submitted a legal memo regarding South Carolina Senate Bill 255. The bill would require any website to remove arrest and booking records within 30 days of written request if the person was not convicted. If the person was convicted of a lesser offense, publishers must edit the information and remove any reference to the original charge.

The memo explains that the legislation asks publishers to erase or alter history by scrubbing their published stories. Important historical events would be rewritten if a law such as this were in place.

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Hawaii H.B. 529: Requiring removal of arrest photos

Lee Harvey OswaldOn February 6, 2015, Media Coalition submitted a legal memo opposing Hawaii House Bill 529. The bill would require any website to remove an arrest photo within 30 days of a request if the person was not convicted, if access to information about the case was restricted or if the person was convicted under certain circumstances.Read more about the legislation »

West Virginia S.B. 128: Dissemination of “harmful to minors” material

LegislatureOn January 20, 2015, Media Coalition submitted a legal memo regarding West Virginia Senate Bill 128. The bill would replace the “obscene” standard in the law barring dissemination and display of materials to a minor with “harmful to minors,” but the term “harmful to minors” is not defined in the law or in West Virginia statute.Read more about the legislation »

Legislation Updates

South Dakota H.B. 1225

February 24, 2015: South Dakota House passes bill as amended, 66-2.

The bill would create a statutory right of publicity for life plus 100 years.

Missouri H.B. 848

February 23, 2015: Bill is withdrawn from consideration.

The bill would bar the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle to capture an image of another person, without their consent, if the person would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Montana H.B. 317

February 16, 2015: Bill tabled in the House Committee on Judiciary.

The bill would make it a crime to register a minor for access to a “pornographic Internet website.”

Washington H.B. 1788

February 13, 2015: Hearing scheduled for the bill in the House Committee on Public Safety.

The bill would bar the dissemination of an image of another identifiable person either nude or engaged in sexual conduct when the person knew or should have known that the person depicted did not consent.

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