• Louisiana

    Litigation victory: Judge blocks enforcement of Louisiana’s age-verification law

    U.S. District Court Chief Judge Brian Jackson issued a preliminary injunction, blocking enforcement of the Louisiana law that required websites in the state to verify the age of visitors before being allowed access to “harmful to minors” material.
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  • Nebraska

    New in legislation: Nebraska Legislative Bill 892

    L.B. 892 would make it a crime to communicate online using indecent, lewd or lascivious language or to suggest a lewd or lascivious act with the intent to annoy, offend, harass or terrify.

    In our memo to legislators, we argue that the bill would criminalize a wide variety of speech such as Ann Coulter’s books, Bill Maher’s and Jon Stewart’s comments on their TV shows, Stephen King novels and horror movies.

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  • New Hampshire

    In legislation: New Hampshire Senate Bill 465

    S.B. 465 would bar the dissemination of sexually explicit images without the consent of the person in the image, if the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

    In our memo to legislators, we argue that the bill is overbroad and would criminalize a wide variety of First Amendment-protected material.

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Iowa bill could force websites to censor certain sexual material

electronic devicesSenate File 2039 would apply the state’s “harmful to minors” law to “electronic communication devices.” We are opposing the bill to the extent that it applies to material generally available on the internet. There is a substantial body of case law striking down the application of “harmful to minors” laws to general communication online. These laws restrict the online speech of adults to what is acceptable to minors and violate their First Amendment rights.

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South Dakota legislation would apply to news, art images

photographyHouse Bill 1243 would criminalize the distribution of nude photos without the consent of the person depicted. The bill would go beyond targeting malicious invasion of privacy and threatens the First Amendment rights of publishers, librarians, news sources and documentary filmmakers. In our memo, we urged legislators to narrow the scope of the bill, in order to punish bad actors without sweeping in newsworthy, historical, educational or artistic images.

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